I’m a PhD. student at University of Colorado Boulder, supervised by Prof. Tam Vu. My primary research interests include Mobile Health Care Device, Human Activity Recognition and Deep Convolution Neural Network. I first obtained my B.S from the University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City in 2009. After graduation, I remained at the University as a lecturer where I mainly worked with the Mathematics and Computer Science undergraduates, assisting them in problem solving and facilitating laboratory experiments. Thanks to the Developing Solution Master Scholarship, I continued my education at The University of Nottingham where I received a M.S degree in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship in 2012. One year after, I moved to South Korea to pursue my PhD. in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Chonnam National University. Recently, I was fortunate to receive admission from the University of Colorado to pursue my doctor degree in developing Pediatric Asmatic Detection embedded system Wearable Device.