Taeho Kim

Ph.D. student

Mobile and Networked Systems (MNS) Lab
Department of Computer Science
University of Colorado Boulder

Address: 1111 Engineering Drive, Boulder, CO 80309, USA
Email: taeho {dot} kim {at} colorado {dot} edu
[CV] (updated 09/01/2018)

Taeho Kim is pursuing his doctoral degree from the Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder. Currently, Kim is working with his supervisor, Professor Tam Vu, in the Mobile and Networked Systems(MNS) Lab. Taeho’s scholarly and creative works have been shown in the international conferences, such as IEEE, ACM, and more. He received Bachelor of Science from Korea University in 2018. His research interest is Mobile Computing, Internet of Things, and Healthcare.


08/2018 I came to Mobile and Networked Systems (MNS) Lab in University of Colorado Boulder


Vulnerable Road User Protection through Intuitive Visual Cue on Smartphones [PDF] [Slides] [Demo1] [Demo2]
ACM CarSys 2017 - The 2nd ACM International Workshop on Command and Automated Vehicle Mobility, A Workshop of MobiCom, Oct 2017
T. Kim, W. Han, H. Kim, and Y. Park
Vehicle-to-Vehicle Message Content Plausibility Check through Low-Power Beaconing [PDF] [Slides] [Video]
IEEE VTC 2017-Fall - IEEE 86th Vehicular Technology Conference, Sep 2017
T. Kim and H. Kim
Poster: Visual Cue-Based VRU Protection on Smartphones [PDF] [poster]
ACM MobiSys 2017 - The 15th ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services, Jun 2017
T. Kim, W. Han, and Y. Park


"System and Method for detecting faked location information of a vehicle", Jun 2018 [KOR] [GER] [USA] [CHN]
"Apparatus and Method for Verifying Vehicle in the V2V Environment", Nov 2017 [KOR] [CHN]