Phuc Nguyen (VP Nguyen)

Ph.D. Candidate,

University of Colorado Boulder,

Mobile and Networked Systems Lab,

Email: vp {dot} nguyen {at} colorado {dot} edu

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder, supervised by Prof. Tam Vu. I received Master of Science in Engineering degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Seoul, South Korea, in 2014. I received Bachelor of Science degree from Vietnam National University, University of Science, in 2010. I was a Telecom engineer at Samsung Electronics (Mobile division) from 2010 to 2012. I received Outstanding Graduate Student Award from Dept. of Computer Science, University of Colorado Denver 2016, Best Paper Award from ACM MobiCom-S3 2016, ACM SIGMOBILE Research Highlights 2017.

    TYTH-Typing On Your Teeth: Tongue-Teeth Localization for Human-Computer Interface
    ACM MobiSys 2018 [New!]
    (37 out of 138 submissions, acceptance ratio: 26.8%).
    Phuc Nguyen, Nam Bui, Anh Nguyen, Hoang Truong, Abhijit Suresh, Matthew Whitlock, Duy Pham, Thang Dinh, and Tam Vu

    Matthan: Drone Presence Detection by Identifying Physical Signatures in the Drone’s RF Communication, [PAPER], [DEMO]
    ACM MobiSys 2017
    (34 out of 188 submissions, acceptance ratio: 18%).
    Phuc Nguyen, Hoang Truong, Mahesh Ravindranathan, Anh Nguyen, Richard Han, and Tam Vu
    ACM SIGMOBILE Research Highlights, 2017

    PhO2: Optical 3D printed elements and NIR/R light extraction techniques for phone-base blood oxygen level measurement, [PAPER], [DEMO]
    ACM SenSys 2017
    (26 out of 151 submissions, acceptance ratio: 17.2%)
    Nam Bui, Anh Nguyen, Phuc Nguyen, Hoang Truong, Ashwin Ashok, Thang Dinh, Robin Deterding and Tam Vu
    Best Paper Award Nominee 2017
    2nd Prize ACM MobiCom 2017 App Contest.

    S3 Best Paper Award, 2017

    Capacitive sensing 3D-printed Wristband for Enriched Hand Gesture Recognition , [PAPER], [DEMO]
    ACM MobiSys-WearSys 2017
    Hoang Truong, Phuc Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Nam Bui and Tam Vu
    Best Senior Design Project in College, CU Denver 2016.

    Thermal-Depth Fusion for Occluded Body Skeletal Posture Estimation , [PAPER], [DEMO]
    Shane Transue, Phuc Nguyen, Tam Vu and Min-Hyung Choi

    Battery-Free Identification Token for Touch Sensing Devices , [PAPER], [DEMO]
    ACM SenSys 2016
    (21 out of 119 submissions, acceptance ratio: 17.6%).
    Phuc Nguyen, Ufuk Muncuk, Ashwin Ashok, Kaushik R Chowdhury, Marco Gruteser and Tam Vu
    Best CS Senior Design Project, CU Denver 2017.

    Continuous and Fine-grained Breathing Volume Monitoring from Afar Using Wireless Signals, [PAPER], [DEMO]
    (300 out of 1644 submissions, acceptance ratio: 18.25%).
    Phuc Nguyen, Xinyu Zhang, Ann Halbower, and Tam Vu
    S3 Best Paper Award, 2016

    Real-time Tidal Volume Estimation using Iso-surface Reconstruction, [PAPER], [DEMO]
    Shane Transue, Phuc Nguyen, Tam Vu and Min-Hyung Choi

    Minimum Latency and Energy-Efficient Data Collection with Dynamic Traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks
    KCC - The Korea Computer Congress, June 2013.
    Phuc Nguyen, Le Duc Thang, and Hyunseung Choo
    Best Paper Presentation Award, 2013

    A Latency-aware Data Aggregation Scheduling in Duty-cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
    KSII - The Korean Socisety for Internet Information, June 2012.
    Khanh Ha Nguyen Phan, Phuc Nguyen, Minhan Shon, and Hyunseung Choo
    Best Paper Award, 2012

    Full list of publications

Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado Denver, USA. Department of Computer Science in Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, S. Korea.
  • Fall 2013: TA for Distributed System Topics.
    Instructor: Prof. Vyacheslav Zalyubovskiy.
  • Summer 2013: TA for Advanced System Engineering.
    Instructor: Prof. Tei-Wei Kuo.
  • Spring 2013: TA for Graph Theory and Its Applications.
    Instructor: Prof. Vyacheslav Zalyubovskiy.
  • Best Paper Award Nominee, ACM SenSys 2017
  • NSF Student Travel Grant Award from ACM MobiSys 2017 (May 2017)
  • Best Paper Award, ACM MobiCom-S3 (Oct. 2016)
  • NSF Student Travel Grant Award from ACM SenSys 2016 (Oct. 2016)
  • NSF Student Travel Grant Award from ACM MobiSys 2016 (May 2016)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado Denver (May 2016).
  • NSF Student Travel Grant Award from IEEE INFOCOM (Feb. 2016).
  • Best paper presentation award, KCC (Jun. 2013).
  • Best paper award, KSII (Jun. 2012).
  • 3rd prize of Mobile Application Development Contest at Sungkyunkwan University (Nov. 2012).
  • Sunflower Mission Senior Project Sponsorship (Mar. 2010).
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Academic Contest at University of Science (HCMUS) (2008 - 2009).
    • Received 2nd prize in 2008 and 1st prize in 2009.
  • Annual scholarships of Vietnamese Government for excellent students at University of Science (HCMUS) 2008 - 2010.