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PhO2: Blood Oxygen Level Measurement System project

Project Description

Accurately measuring and monitoring patient's blood oxygen level plays a critical role in today’s clinical diagnosis and healthcare practices. Existing techniques however either require a dedicated hardware or produce inaccurate measurements. To fi€ll in this gap, we propose a phone-based oxygen level estimation system, called PhO2, using camera and flashlight functions available on today’s off-the-shelf smart phones together with a set of algorithms for spatial and spectral optical signal modulation to amplify the optical signal of interest while minimizing noise. An evaluation using a custom-built optical element on COTS smartphone with 6 subjects shows that PhO2 can estimate the oxygen saturation within 3.5% error rate comparing to FDA-approved gold standard pulse oximetry.

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PhO2 usecase

PHO2 Usecase

30 June, 2017
PHO2 Add-on

PHO2 Add-on

30 June, 2017

Conducting Experiment

30 June, 2017

Continuous Prediction oxygen level

29 June, 2017